Repeat the Sounding Joy Complete Advent Worship Series


Change of plans, friends.  As this is indeed my first rodeo of this sort (sharing a worship series for others to possibly use), it is certainly a work in progress.  Having shared the resources for Weeks 1 and 2 of Advent, I realized how annoying and confusing it might be to ask folks to visit the site multiple times to get resources for various weeks.

So, here it is. The whole shebang, if you will. Below, you will find pdf documents containing the worship resources and table tents for the entire series (four weeks of Advent, plus Christmas Eve). In addition, you will find all of the graphics created by Phillip Allen thus far. If it is easier to receive these in a single zip file, please e-mail me, and I’ll be glad to send it to you that way.

What is yet to come are the sermon outlines/starters for each week of the series, which will be posted individually. In addition, there is the possibility of an alternative set of graphics, and I’ll certainly post those if they become available.

Again, this is my gift to any pastor and/or congregation who may choose to use them.  I offer them with two requests and one invitation. The first request is that you simply acknowledge the source material you use, whether in the order of worship or in your preaching.  The second request is that you let me know if your congregation(s) are planning to utilize “Repeat the Sounding Joy” this Advent, so that I can pray with and for your experience specifically. The invitation is, in honor of our son Henry, whose challenge inspired the series to be written, to make a contribution to a mission that connects with kids in the community where God has planted you.

Remember, friends, we have been invited into the magnificent story (thank you, James Bryan Smith) of God’s rescue and restoration of the whole of creation. That story unfolds in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate and whose return we long for in this season of Advent. It is that story that should fill us, as God’s people, with hope, peace, love and joy. My prayer is that your communities would experience the people of God wherever you are repeating the sounding joy of Jesus – not only in word and song, but in lives of service, sacrifice and love.

Blessed Advent, friends.


Worship Resources, Repeat the Sounding Joy, Full Series

Table Tents, Repeat the Sounding Joy, Entire Series

Graphics Resources



4 thoughts on “Repeat the Sounding Joy Complete Advent Worship Series

  1. Although I haven’t used this series as well as I had hoped (One church I serve is pretty liturgical, so I can use most of the pieces comfortably, the other church is decidedly not so there, I have primarily used the Advent Wreath Readings and scriptures for preaching. What I have appreciated about the whole series is the invitation to slowly reflect on Luke 1 and its many scenes and verses. It has been a personal gift and I hope lots of food for thought for my folks. Thank you for writing and sharing this series.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Michele, and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas. It was a gift to me to write this, and I’ve already (to myself) committed to write two series next year. Times and themes TBD!

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