Repeat the Sounding Joy – Follow Up


As we find ourselves in a new year, I genuinely hope that you have been able to breathe and experience some rest and renewal after what I know was a full Advent and Christmas season. I pray that, if you used parts of the series, that you and your congregations were blessed and experienced the joy of the season through that worship.
One thing I find great value in is honest and constructive feedback. To that end, I’ve put together a short survey in which I ask a few questions about this series, as well as input about the possibility of future series. If you would be willing to take just a few minutes (survey monkey estimates 4 minutes will be enough) to give me some feedback, I’d really appreciate it. You can find the survey here:
I had the opportunity to worship with a number of congregations who were using the series during Advent. And apart from the weirdness of hearing words you have written in a variety of contexts (which is just my stuff), I was genuinely blessed by how those pastors took the foundation of the series and shaped the elements into worship experiences that blessed me, as well as fit their context in beautiful ways. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your encouragement, and for the gift you gave me of connecting over these last months.

In Christ,

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